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Nature's Finest for Lasting Beauty

At Virginia Mulch, we take pride in delivering only the best mulch available to our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every landscape we touch flourishes with vibrancy and longevity. Discover the countless benefits of our premium mulch, and find out why choosing mulch is a decision you won’t regret.

Use our Mulch Yardage Calculator to determine how much mulch you will need for your property.

A Variety of Mulch Types to Suit Your Needs

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Classic and versatile, hardwood mulch complements any landscape with its rich color and ability to retain moisture.

Playground Mulch (Softplay)

Essential for all playgrounds, providing a soft landing reducing risk of injuries


Perfect for top dressing your lawn, while enhancing soil structure with our premium compost.

**All mulches and compost have a 10 yard minimum, truck carries 280ft of hose.**

Unveiling Nature's Palette - Color Selections

Mocha Brown

Timeless and elegant, mocha brown mulch seamlessly merges with any setting, giving it a classic and refined appeal.

Jet Black

Create a striking contrast or a bold statement with our jet black mulch, adding depth and drama to your landscape

Scarlet Red

Ignite passion and energy in your garden with scarlet red mulch, a bold choice to captivate attention.

Natural Brown (UNDYED)

Economy way to provide moisture retention for all your plants and shrubs.

Why Choose Mulch for Your Landscape?

Moisture Retention:

Mulch acts as a natural moisture regulator, keeping your soil hydrated during dry spells and reducing the need for frequent watering.

Weed Suppression:

Mulch forms a protective barrier that inhibits weed growth, allowing your plants to thrive without competition.


Protect your soil and plant roots from extreme temperatures, helping them stay healthy throughout the year.

Nutrient Enhancement:

As mulch decomposes, it enriches the soil with essential nutrients, nourishing your plants and supporting robust growth.

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With Virginia Mulch, you are assured of top-notch products, sustainable practices, and a team dedicated to your satisfaction. Elevate your landscape to new heights of beauty and functionality with our premium mulch solutions.