About Virginia Mulch

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At Virginia Mulch, we take immense pride in our journey, dedicated to transforming landscapes across Central Virginia into breathtaking works of art. Meet our founder, Aaron and Tyler Wells, and the passionate team behind the magic.

Meet the Team

Aaron and Tyler Wells - Founders

Two brothers started off in the landscape industry that liked the process of mulching and began with and small trailer mounted mulch blower. Few years later Virginia Mulch was created with a new and improved mulch blower truck that allows us to be more efficient.

At Virginia Mulch we want to deliver the best quality product at the fairest price in a reasonable time frame!

History of VA Mulch

Founding Vision:

Aaron and Tyler Wells had a vision of creating a revolutionary approach to landscaping that would elevate the beauty and sustainability of outdoor spaces. This vision laid the foundation for Virginia Mulch

The Beginning:

Started off with and pitch fork and a wheel barrow. Progressed into and small mulch blower and then into our new finn mulch blower today

Growing Success:

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Our Core Values:

At Virginia Mulch, we are guided by a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Our values drive every aspect of our work.

Watch Our Process!

Watch our custom video showcasing the mesmerizing transformation that occurs when blown-in mulch meets nature.

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